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 "Best massage I’ve ever had. Have been going regularly for a few years. Consistently high quality/ effective. My chronic shoulder and neck pain completely relieved. Highly recommended."

"After years of chronic back pain, I began to receive massage from Ted. He has the strength and intuitive sense to help heal my ailing back. Today, I feel completely whole with no pain at all!"

- Maari F.

"Ted has magically strong hands with an intuition for the human anatomy that heals tight muscles and goes to the source of injuries. Days ago I had a fall that lead to an incredibly strained neck which could barely move.....after 1 massage I was on my way to recovery, 2nd massage and back to normal! Thank you, Ted."
- Jennifer J.

"I have had the good privilege in my life to have many, many practitioners massage me...all over the world. I have never had a more enjoyable rehabilitative massage than those you give to me. Every time you sense precisely what I need then tirelessly and unselfishly give me just that."
- Dean S.

"I have been one of Ted's clients for over 4 years-I have always appreciated his style of massage which is why he has become my favorite massage therapist in Seattle. He has done massage for me through 2 pregnancies and a fairly significant back injury (two herniated discs). I recently visited a local salon and received a massage that made me realize (even more) how amazing Ted is-he has a way of finding the areas that need work and using just the right pressure to relieve pain/tension. I find that other massage therapist claim that they do deep tissue massage but I leave feeling like I still need a massage-I never experience that with Ted. He is also great about accommodating my schedule and getting me in quickly when I am hurting. He is a quality guy with a quality business (in a QUALITY location-beautiful gardens surrounding his studio). I highly recommend him!"
- Mitch S.

"I have had massage therapy over the years from a vast number of therapists, but Ted stands over and above all of them. Without causing pain he has a way of getting deep into problem areas and I find myself rising from the table a new person. I feel spoiled, but I know that other therapists will never measure up."
- Don S.

"I had my first massage here and [...] I was sad thinking of all the people in Seattle that are missing out on this experience. I've had professional massages for many years and this is the best yet."
- Linda K.

"Thank you again SO much for getting me in on short notice the other day. I was still worried about my shoulder and motion when I left, but over the course of the two days after everything got better really quickly. Today, the whole thing actually feels better than it did the whole week before I messed it up that day. It had been giving me near-constant low-grade pain for a while, and now it's almost completely pain-free. So...thanks! It's too bad it took me messing it up in some drastic way to do something about it."
- Cory S.

 "I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your incredible massage work and your loving kindness to me when I saw you as a patient. You are truly an amazing man and I am grateful to know you. You gave me so much more than a massage. I received strength, love and grounded power. I just wanted to say THANK YOU:)"

- Harold C.